Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cannot Stay Away

Changing seasons. Four consecutive days of cold, drizzly, and windy weather hearld winter's arrival. This fall has been an exceptional time. Large changes to my personal life and my professional career. Chaos, stress, and fatigue perculated too deeply into life. Time on the bike has suffered.

My stubborn focus on cycling has been somewhat puzzling. I've failed to race much this year. Yet I continue to train for races unknown. The past weeks without structured training plans or goal have been tough to endure. I've tried to ride "just for fitness" but that hasn't fulfilled my desire for purposeful activity. Time arrived to make room for cycling once again.

I've come to realize that I ride because I have to. With a challanging career, I need the balance. I need the structure. I observe many seemingly dedicated workers devote long hours to their career not out of some sense of purpose or higher calling. They simply have no where else to go, and nothing else to do. It's an easy trap to fall into. I still bear scars from falling into that trap years ago.

Cycling keeps me safely from menial labors' ensaring jaws. Let's face it... few are lucky to have a soul fulfilling job. In my field taking one's job too seriously can only lead unhealthy levels of stress that border on self abuse. Training gives purpose. Something to do after work. A reason to leave on time. A reason to take care of my body; and my mind too. A reason to go outdoors and have fun! When work lays on the stress, or I'm stuck in a boring meeting... it is a invaluable asset.

An analysist might call it escapism. Probably. But cycling beats booze, drugs, and materialism many turn to. At it's worst, cycling makes me healthier. I prefer to call it self-maintenance.