Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Lights

A long, but un-hurried ride on the trail in the dark. Nothing special. Just glad to be on the bike. Here is why it pays to have good lights...


That white speck in the middle... is a huge spider busily setting up shop along the trail right before a root drop. Saw him just in time. A swipe with a branch and I was on my way.

Lupine lights are the beez kneez.

And no ride would be complete without a call to 9-1-1. As I neared my house I smelled something burning. My first thought was "hey someone's lit their fireplaces". Wait a second, it's in the 80s. With the drought, no fires are allowed. Why is someone burning stuff? By this time the smoke was enough to show up in my headlight. This was really strong. I glanced over and a dumpster behind a nieghborhood church was ablaze. Surprisingly the neighboring residents weren't out. I called and the fire truck showed up nearly instantly and put the fire out.

Firetrucks are the beez kneez, too.