Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heat's Back.

Today's plan: 4x 7'min at 110-120%FTP with 3-5'min between.

Triple digits today. Heat index is 105°F as I roll out. Twenty+ knot wind as well. It helps with the heat some. As I ride to the Froot Loop I'm feeling weaker than expected. Maybe not unexpected. It's the heat, right? As I get closer... it's clear it's not the heat. I'm in a full blown BONK! Weak. Lightheaded. Nauseous. Shakey. Headachey. Immediately I hit the gas station. Potato chips, half of a coke, nutter butters, and aboot 15'minutes in the shade. I'm better. Not sure if I can do this today, but might as well try, right?

I barely make my power target on the first interval. Barely. It's clear... I'm not meeting my target today. That's OK. I do the best I can. I manage to keep 90%FTP or so. Not what I want, but time is more important than intensity at this point. Back to the house for some reflection on this one...

BONKs! are always a serious training mistake. I'm relieved in a way. My body is letting me know it's running at a calorie deficit. I'm not over-eating. I'm under-eating. I'm trying to do that, as I'm trying to drop a few pounds. BUT... if I don't get through my workouts... it's not worth it. Getting the training in carries much bigger benefits than losing a few pounds. It's a fine line.

Today... my food timing needed to be better. The idea is to run a deficit over the entire day, but... during training time. Skipping my afternoon snack did me in today. Will do better tomorrow...