Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saved by a Rollerblader

Tonight's plan: three (3x) 20'minute intervals right at threshold. The difficulty: I shelled my legs last night! I was certainly feeling the fatigue on the first work interval. But I made it. Completing it... I had my reward pickle...


Most refreshing on-the-bike snack ever!

I started the last interval with trepedation. I didn't plan to even finish it, but go into it as long as I could. About 3'minutes into it I *barely* passed a rollerblader. He jumped on my wheel and started drafting me. I was doing over 20mph. This guy jumped on, and stuck. He shouted "hey, am I ok here?" "Yeah, sure!" "Don't do anything too crazy, I don't have any brakes!" Had no idea they could go that fast! Determined not to be dusted by a rollerblader, I kept it pinned steadily. Took the best lines I could avoiding the cracks in the pavement. And he kept perfect pace! How cool? I've never pulled a rollerblader before!

Likely I'd have given up on this interval. The fatigue was setting in hard. But the novelty of pulling a rollerblader at 20+mph around the froot loop was way too much fun to stop!

And thus, with the kindness of a complete stranger I finished my goal. Such is the beauty of training. You never know who/what you will run into that you can share a unique experience with. Mr.Rollerblader departed with a "Thanks for the ride" to which I said "Thanks for the experience!"

A good day on the bike!