Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaving Some in the Tank

Last night's light ride was followed with a set of Crosstraining. I really don't like crosstraining. It's hard. Which is an indication that I need to do it.

The plan included lunges. I try to keep these sessions easy on the legs, but I did a couple of sets anyway. Resulting in legs that are a touch sore as I start my threshold bout for today. Having a valid reason not to ride is a dangerous thing. I go anyway. I'm shooting for consistancy after the sketchy schedule of May.

The ride goes fine, but the fatigue is set in. I can probably finish this one out if I really plow through it. But... I cut it short. This isn't my key workout this week. The long ride with sprints this weekend is the most important. I want to leave enough in the legs to get through that.

Glad I set out on this though... the effort felt juuussst right. Had I not done this ride, I'd have felt sloggy. Had I pushed through to finish it... I'd have felt drained. As is... I'm excited about this weekend's training.