Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Plans

May was an expensive month in terms of weight gain. Between Jazzfest, crawfish boils, spring travels, and recovery week, I added a few 'non helpful' pounds to my body mass. It's probably best that I no longer reside in Louisiana. Back to training... Proper nutrition features big on my summer program. My fitness is progressing well, but I'm carrying more weight than I'd like it to. Need to control before it endangers fall season.

Lately, I've been eating to appetite. Dangerous. I'm mindful of what I eat... but... I've only been tracking calories after eating. This isn't ideal. Very easy to underestimate calories and justify excess calories in your food. Especially, when you're hungry -HA! Tracking calories after the fact is good... but it's too late to find out afterward you've eaten too much.

I did much better planning my meals beforehand. I did this for a long time. Quite frankly... I've gotten lazy. I'm starting again. It's kinda nerdy, But at the same time... helpful. Makes shopping for groceries easier, too. It also allows me to pre-cook meals for the week without having to wrestle with "what's for dinner tonight?" after getting home from a late ride. It is an extra step. But a step that simplifies my life in total.

It isn't hard to do...I've mastered estimating what my workout calories will be beforehand. And I have a long record of my base metabolic requirements. Add those daily requirements together, subtract a goal for desired weight loss, and... I can very accurately calculate my nutritional needs. And yes... I keep a couple of meals "open" to allow for spontaneity. I don't beat myself up for occasionally deviating from the plan. And I can always substitue like-for-like. I can sub an orange for an apple for example.

That's the key... have a plan, but don't be a slave to it.