Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listening to the Body

Last post I mentioned my heart rate deflection. This has consistantly been an indicator of oncoming illness. Due for a recovery week, I started it two days early and took the weekend off. This was good. I didn't feel very well Saturday. Not sick. But not normal. No fever. But no energy either. Let's describe it as semi-sick. It passed rather quickly. Thankful I heeded the warning sign. I believe had I pushed through the weekend's training... I'd be down now. Listening to your body is a huge part of training.

I've used the time away from the saddle to accomplish a few needed things. I seem to be doing a lot of washing. Washed the mountain of laundry. Washed the road-cars. Washed the bikes. The rhoad bike required attention badly. Lots of caked on sports drink. Exceptionally dirty chain. Even needed disassembly of the rear brake caliper as it was downright gritty on the center shaft. It wasn't actuating evenly. Going to need new cables soon. The current type onboard are utter rubbish. Tough (though not impossible) to beat stock Shimano cables.

A light and easy spin awaits tonight...