Monday, March 7, 2011

Timing Is Everything

Good saddle time this past week. Long threshold intervals on Friday were very tough, but knocked out. As I neared home I realize what I thought was CO2 carts rattling in my seatbag, was actually my saddle coming loose from the seat post. Luckily it didn't fall off. Potential for very painful accident. Luckily it all stayed together and got me home. Nothing broken on the saddle nor post. Checked carefully for cracks or defect. Apparently someone *cough* didn't apply the proper torque to the bolts.

Timing when you reach peak fitness is part part science, part planning, part luck, and part voodoo. At some point you have to transition from aerobic-level training to "go fast" training. The tough decision is timing the introduction of intensity. Do it too soon, and you can't maintain the fitness and burn out. Too late and you aren't ready for the "thrill" of racing. Throw on the cumulative fatigue of base training and... it's tough to sort out the transition. Every season I swear I'm going to get it right. Sickness, work interruptions, or just burnout... I'm not sure what I'd do if I ever did actually get it right! ;-)

Right now I'm overdue for a rest period. Yet... I think there are some gains left to wring out of the base-training. Think I'm going to push my boundaries a bit and finish off this bloc with a bang. Next weeks weather and travel schedule look to be ideal for minimal time on the tightened saddle.