Friday, February 18, 2011

Solid Day

With temperatures in the 70°s... today's ride was a joy. Two 30'minute threshold intervals to test the legs with. I roll out a bit uneasy. My legs are sore. Previous day's strength training was a tad too aggressive. There really is no alternative. The weather is too beautiful. I'm riding. It's just a question of whether I can do my planned intervals, or will I need to back off into L2 territory.

I ramp into the first interval. After about 3'minutes the soreness is actually abating. Went well. The last 5'minutes were very tough. The second interval is harder. Especially the first 10'minutes and the last 10'minutes. At 6'minutes into the interval, I think of bailing at halfway. But I forget to look at the Garmin until there are only 8'minutes left. Why quit now? I don't. Legs cooked. But looser than when I started. Satisfying.

Heartrate was perfect today, exactly as expected. My fitness is nearing my pre-sickness level. I'm catching up on the season. I'm plowing through the planned rest/race week next week. I don't want to break stride on gaining fitness. No signs of overtraining *smile*.