Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Training

Winter training is off to a nice start. It's fun. A nice change from the summer heat. I'm getting to use the gear I bought last fall in prep for last winter... but never got to use. The next 12 weeks are pretty routine. My weeks will go something like this:

Monday: REST! Glorious rest!
Tuesday: Core strength in the AM, threshold build intervals in the PM.
Wednesday: Core strength in the AM, MTB skills or short trail ride at lunch.
Thursday: Morning core workout, with long intervals.
Friday: Short lunchtime ride.
Saturday: 3- progressing to 6-hour ride with some FTP work and hills included. Trail or road as weather permits. Lots of stretching.
Sunday: Easy ride and a core workout.

it's not as regimented as that would seem. There's actually quite a bit of variation, but that's the outline...