Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Rest" Week

It's "rest" week. The reason for the air quotes? Although I break from training... these weeks usually involve doing all of the errands, chores, and tasks that have been deferred because of training. Life's tasks pile up as things get put off due to lack of time. "Rest" weeks allow catching up on non-training things. There's a lot to do. Not exactly lazing around on the couch during this week.

These "rest" weeks are vital to me. I've learned (the hard way of course!) that if I don't set aside some time away from the saddle I end up burnt out. Who knew "resting" would be so difficult? With desires of better performance staring back at you... to simply stop... and do nothing for a while seems inappropriate. Rationally, I know long-term it's necessary. A short term sacrifice for a long-term goal. In that sense it's not unlike any other training effort. Where you endeavor with the faith that you will improve in the future. During "rest" weeks you don't work with the faith it will improve your training in the future so you will improve. It's all about delayed gratification, really.

It's not just resting this week. Race on Sunday. But I'm not doing anything special to prep for it, and not expecting a good result. This is however a threapeutic event. This was my last event before breaking my elbow last year, and my first oaf-icial event since. Kinda symbolic that I'm back. Hometown course, too. I'm looking forward to it.