Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Capsule

Fall weather is finally arriving in small doses. Friday I arrived in Austin. My anticipation level for a great ride was running high for an early Saturday morning ride in the cool temperatures. I prepared my nutrition, and gathered all my gear for Saturday's ride... then... I realize... I've forgotten my shoes! Far from the first time I've done this, and determined to ride, we head over to the bike shop to purchase a spare set to keep in the truck. Thus, I will always have a pair of shoes at hand.

Having to wait for the bike shop to open, we start a bit late. But with the lower temperatures this isn't a swealter fest. In fact, it's downright nice. Indeed fall is here. My riding partner Jane dressed appropriately for the kickoff of football season! Parmer Road provided a great route with small rolling hills and nice wide shoulders.

Unfortunately there were a few hiccups. I had a soft tire. And quickly replaced the tube, hit it with the CO2 and remounted the wheel. I took a couple of pics, and we jumped back on the bikes instantly realizing, the new tube was flat. Uh-oh. I patched that tube. But... that failed, and there was apparently another hole. Being a bit concerned, we accepted a tube from some fellow cyclists, which worked out. Jane's bike suffered from shifting problems. We both have some maintenance bugs to work through.

Sunday provided another glorious day. We skipped over to spectate for the Tour de Austin crits. This was a fun time.

Watching the races reignited the bug to race. I forgot just how exciting crit racing is. But... that season's almost over. Something to keep in mind to integrate into next spring. For now mountain bike season is almost here. Ready or not!