Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Not The Heat

Ok, it *is* the heat! Lunchtime ride was under a heat index of 105°F. The evening ride wasn't much better. 102°F. Fortunately, I've planned for this. At this time of year, the intensity cranks up, and the duration decreases. I'm not spending hours out baking in the sun. Lesson learned from last year when at this time I was still doing long rides throughout August. By September I was burnt.

Today's rides were tailermade for the heat. At lunch... Two sets of 10x 30sec long intervals as hard as possible, followed by 30sec 'recovery'. It's over quick, but far from easy. The evening was three sets of 5x 2min maximal effort with 3min recovery, and 6min between sets. Didn't finish my last set before meowing. Legs just couldn't produce anywhere near a sensible target.

Remainder of the eve... Biofreeze, compression tights, feet up on sleeping wedge, and an early bedtime. A fun day tomorrow...