Sunday, August 15, 2010

Even Though I'm An Adult...

I still like playin' in the dirt. Saturday's dirt tan...

A few hot laps around Double Lake Recreation Area.

Hot describes the weather and the effort. My first lap was fairly leisurely. I even eat some jelly beans!

The second lap was supposed to be up tempo. But, feeling great, I decide to take a peek into where my fitness is at. I crank up the intensity to 11.

Felt great! I'm not deadmanning on the bars. Which a great development. The core work is paying off. The legs feel great. And I'm coping with the heat well.

Until the third lap. In the forest... the trees provide great shade. But it's a pine forest. So when the sun gets directly overhead... that shade vanishes. And it gets H-O-T quickly. I throttle back this lap and head home.

It's a good day!