Friday, July 23, 2010

Training Misfire

Rain again today. I'm tired of cleaning bikes! I wait it out, and around 7:30P it stops. I get dressed. Make my bottles. And it starts pouring again. I decide tho make the ultimate sacrifice. I'm going to ride the trainer. But before that, I must change the rear tire to a trainer tire.

This tire is hard to mount. But eventually... I get it. Hit it with the air, and... I've got a puncture. Probably from the mounting fight.

Off with the tire, patch the hole, remount the tire, pump it up, put it on the trainer. As I'm looking up my training plan I hear.... Piiizzzzzzttttt. Tire is now flat. Again. Oh boy.

Off with the tire. Bad patch job. Repatch the hole. Remount the tire. Pump it up. Put it on the trainer. I jump on the trainer and get through my plan's warm up.

The effort seems to be getting lighter all the time. I'm shift down several times to keep the same wattage... As I start my first power interval the tire slips on the roller. I'm not that strong, but the tire is that flat. Again.

Off with the tire. There were actually two holes and the second patch didn't quite cover it. Explains the first bad patch job. Patch the new hole. Remount the tire. Pump it up. Put it on the trainer.

Less than 5min into my "ride"... another flat.

Enough! It's rapidly getting late. I put a new tube in. Mount the road tire. This wasn't meant to be tonight. Off to bed. Somedays...