Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain Grit and Grime

Rainy evening. With a long ride on the menu, and a forecast of rain until Friday... riding in the rain is the only option. Even resigned to getting wet, I delay my start until well after dark waiting for the flooding to recede and lightening to move on. As I roll out I remember about three things I was supposed to do this evening. They won't get done. It will be after 11pm before I'm done tonight. Leaving time for only shower and bed upon my return.

As I ride I ponder a question. Does one need to take a shower after riding in the rain? The question is answered upon my return. I'm covered in grit and grime flung from the wet roadway by the tyres. Ah-ha! It's a productive ride. Near three hours of tempo-threshold crossovers. Sleep comes easily tonight.

Another rainy day tomorrow. It's a two-ride day. It's starting to take toll. Rain riding is hard on the hardware. Some serious bike maintenance and cleaning are in order. After the tropical storm passes.