Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday Endurance

Saturday's are for distance! Today's route leads to Lake Houston. This time I've got the route correct. I'm joined today by my Jane. As you can see, at this point she's probably thinking "dang I wish he'd speed up!" :) Just for the record... I did get chicked on every overpass. I'm not ashamed. Jane is a strong rider.

The ride goes well. Weather's great, though a bit warm. Later, I was wishing we'd rolled out earlier. Traffic's pretty heavy on parts of this route...

About 45miles in I got overheated. And almost side swiped by a Houston Police car! Ugg. Time for an unplanned break. I felt overheated. Not bonky, not dehydrated. Just not right. Is it the heat?

Nearing home clouds rolled in, a breeze kicked up, and the temp dropped. I felt way better. Indeed it was the heat. Back home, time to cool off and eat some dinner.

My lack of heat tolerance is a bit concerning. I've got a long road of training ahead this summer. How can I improve my heat tolerance? Better figure it out!