Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Transformative Machinery

Can inanimate objects transform us? Sure they can! After a long stress filled day... a bike transformed my day from bad to better.

My new bars and stem are also transformative. With the longer reach my back is flatter. My reach is better. My tight neck cured. I'm not constantly pushing back on the bars. Topping it off, my weight on the front wheel is moved in forward of the contact patch. Making the bike properly caster. Holding a line through a turn is now a matter of thought rather than worrisome and wiggly.

The program is four 10-min intervals at or slightly above threshold with 4-min between. Riding without power tonight. I use the droolometer. Threshold means slight drool from the corners of the mouth. I monitor my HR closely, too... I'm starting to see the first signs that it's time to add intensity to my training. I'm noticing that my lungs are becoming my limiter moreso than my legs. Soon it will be time for huff-n-puff intervals.