Friday, April 16, 2010


Some times the spark just isn't there. The plan was simple enough. Over-unders. This is a great ride. Three minutes just under threshold (85%) then three minutes just over threshold (120%). Go for an hour, bookending warmup and cool down. I never got into a solid rhythm. Not sure why either. The effort felt do-able. And I did the effort per plan. But it never felt "right". I never acheived the strong feeling this ride usually evokes. My mind seemed to wander all over the place as well.

I looked over the power file and I can't pinpoint anything specific. I'm not showing the unusual HR that turns up before I get sick. Perhaps it's more mental than anything? Donno. And it really doesn't matter.

The training lesson I take away... is to remember that an important part of training is turning out good efforts on bad days.