Thursday, April 29, 2010


Over the last few weeks my work outs have been progressively easier. Tonight... I put numbers to the gains with a battery of tests. Found out a few things:

  • My FTP is up almost 25% since last test in Jan. Normally, that would be an eyeopening gain that would bring accusations of doping. But, it's not uncommon after an extended layoff. And 25% of not very much is... not very much! HA!

  • My right/left imbalance has improved a lot since my last test. Nearly dead even. I haven't done anything to address this. Perhaps my left leg atrophied faster than my right?

  • My 5s, 10s, and 30s were all up. My 5sec time was waaay up. This is total surprise, as I've focused on aerobic threshold improvement. All training is good training.

I've been debating what to do with the next 4-week bloc. My philosophy will be to continue with the FTP work. But I'm going to incorporate some significant skills practice and dirt time. I've also got to focus on dropping the injury weight. Also have a few specific strength issues to work through. Looks like I'll need to go to a 2-a-day schedule to pack in the long threshold rides...