Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pinched for Time

With house guests and thunderstorms coming in the evening I use my lunch break for today's ride. The plan fits great. Two 20min threshold intervals with only a short recovery between. The ride goes well. Too well. The first interval is too easy. Hmm... my threshold isn't where it was a few weeks ago. I bump up the wattage on the second interval... and flirt with that good ol' LT burn. This gives me a better idea where my threshold is. Today is an example of why one should listen to the body, and not the gadget sometimes.

Cool down, zip back to work, realizing I've forgotten my lunch. DOH! Luckily, I keep food around the office just for such times. Lunch is a mish-mash of deli chicken, yogurt, a banana, and pretzles. Actually, a good calorie profile!

I'm really pleased with the fitness rehab. At the onset I feared it would take as long to build my fitness up as it did the first time. But it seems re-building isn't the same as starting from scratch. Maybe I've gotten better at training? Either way, I'll take it. Starting to get hopeful for some summer challange rides.