Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Fear The Ride

This ride scared me. As I look over my plan, this one looks tough. Making matters worse, I'm delayed. Don't start rolling out until after 7PM. I'll finish in the dark, but I'm undaunted. Although skeery this is one of my favorite rides because it works so well.

The first phase is simple. Set up just under threshold. Every third minute PUNCH IT! Short 20sec max effort then return to the just under threshold pace. This goes on for an hour. The just under threshold pace feels easy tonight. And the max efforts come off really strong. This is encouraging...

The second phase is two 10min intervals 110-125% over threshold. I pin the first one. It feels really, really easy. Whaaaa?? I resist the urge to peg the effort and keep it as planned. After a short rest, time for another interval. Same effort. This one feels harder. Glad I didn't peg the first one now! Although harder than the first, it's still doable. I rip this interval off. Scurry back to the house, down some dinner and straight to sleep... ah glorious sleep!

The legs are really opening up nicely. Power's coming up. Endurance has a way to go. This training bloc is going very, very well. Two more weeks then time to retest. Eager to quantify the progress.