Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Deferred Maintenance

Took care of some long deferred maintenance. Maintenance deferred out of fear it would make me itchy to ride. It has. I'm coping.

When I had my fall, the RH brifter got moved on the bar. No damage, it just slipped around the bar. First operation... realign it.

It got scratched up in the tumble. It works fine. Just scratched. Good thing my elbow took up most of the impact.

Moving the brifter around means new bar tape. Proud I was able to do this. It's a two handed job unpossible for me only a week or two ago. Progress.

My bar taping skills have definately improved. I replaced the seat post. At top is the stock Specialized seat post. It's a piece of junk. The single-bolt attachement is almost impossible to get tight enough to keep the seat from tipping up/down. Really, gotta crank the heck out of it. Making precise adjustments are nearly impossible, too.

At bottom is the Deda post I've replaced it with. The two bolt adjustment assembly makes precise adjustment a snap. And no tipping up/down as I ride. It's substantially stiffer than the Speshy piece as well.

The saddle also got scraped up in the crash. Not necessarily bad enough to warrant replacement. But... it was a carry over from my previous roadie bike, and was red in color. Didn't match this bikes color scheme. So.. I took opportunity to replace it.

Final step was refitting to the bike. I may have to make some more adjustments because of my arm inflexibility. May end up with a total barney setup with a riser stem for a while. Hard to tell without actually being on the road... I'm prepared for the "GO" from doc!