Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post-Op Update

UPDATE: Picture > Here <

Surgery went smoothly on Monday. I wish there were more to say, but there wasn't anything remarkable. That's a good thing when having surgery! Seven screws and one plate has me back together. I'll have pix tomorrow after I go to work and scan them in.

Very little post-op pain. They place a nerve block in my shoulder. This was a teeny tube connected to a pump that continuously pumped novacaine on the elbow nerve. Supercool! I kept that until Wednesday morning; I pulled out the tube out. No pain medicine since Wednesday night.

At this point its more inconvience than pain. Everything takes longer. Showering is an hour plus event. Dressing no longer takes 10 minutes. More like an hour. Prepping food is a feat! But I'm making it okay. Just slowly.

Now the healing begins.


Unknown said...

Hey Dave. I found your story about olecranon fracture while looking for post-op pics of the surgery. I fractured mine on Sept. 1st. Had surgery on Sept 7th. Plate and screws, same as you had. I have my first PT on Monday, really excited to move the thing again. Luckily, it is my left, and I am right handed, so I am able to manage... Thanks for posting your story, any excersise, motion you wuld suggest hitting hard and early? Rgds. Alex