Thursday, October 8, 2009

The UPs and DOWNs of Training

I'm ready for cold weather. Those that know me are now in shock! Yes, I said it. I'll say it again. I'm ready for cold weather. This summer's heat was one to remember. And I'm tired of it. Here we are in October, with temperatures in the mid-90's. I think training through the summer's hottest heat may not have been the smartest idea. As I near the end of the season, I'm tired. Seriously, seriously tired.

The training has been weak and sporadic the last two weeks. It's felt more like work than fun. Training shouldn't be this hard. The hardest part of training isn't actually doing the training. That part is fun. At it's worst, I'm outdoors riding my bike. That's where I feel the best, even if the ride is intense. But for the last couple of weeks the hard part has been mustering up the motivation to get moving. Maybe it's the heat?

I'm tired, but not worried. Earlier in my training this type of down period worried me. Scared that I'd give up the sport. But not now. I know that with a few days rest I'll be itching to get back on the bike. I already am in most ways. These ebbs and flows are just part of the training process. Everyone gets them (I think?) but few are willing to admit it. Key point is to shed the guilt we as athletes put on ourselves for not training. It takes some honesty. Honesty to see that if you're training, but not doing a good job of it... you're better off resting. Gathering the motivation to rest is hard. How does one get psyched up to rest? That's an underrated skill in this business.

Luckily I've got some time before the Ruston race. YettiCross is canceled, because Harris County Flood Control are jerks. [SEE HERE], and there's college football on TV all day Saturday. Seems like a great time for a break.