Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Study In Contrasts

My friend REE once remarked that my personality is a study in contrasts. So is my cycling recently! After a long endurance ride on the road, the week was filled with LT, strength intervals, etc. Today brought more endurance. This time on the trail. The same, yet diffferent.

Today's goal... five hours on the trails at Huntsville. It takes determination today. I get a late start. Then as I approach Willis, I realize I've forgotten something... shoes. U-Turn and return. Upon reaching the house I'm faced with a choice. Try again, or sack it and do this ride tomorrow. I was determined so off I go!

The trail gnomes have been busy...

I have a staring contest with this young deer...

I'm not sure who was more curious.

It is a great day. The trails really benefited from recent rains. The sand is packed well for this time of year. The delayed start makes it much hotter. But being under the trees makes it tolerable. As I'm 5 minutes into my last lap, thunder is rumbling. I take the short cut and pack up.

Just in time. When I get to I-45 it's pouring. With copious lightening...eeek! Cue Eddie Rabbit...

Back-to-back comparison... I like both long road rides and long mountain bike rides. I can't say one is harder/easier. Just too different. Certainly requiring different mental skill sets. Both accomplish the goal of developing into a better cyclist and person.

Maybe I should try track next?