Friday, June 12, 2009

Not My Day

Thats me on my bike. That's a car behind me. Driving in the Heights Blvd bike lane. That's not unusual. What's unusual is that he's about 6-inches off my back wheel. And he's honking at me! Then he really pizzled me, he went so far as to accelerate upto my wheel several times to threaten me. That brought out the camera. Why was he in the bike lane? Because he couldn't wait for 2 cars that were queued up at the red-light and was using it as a passing lane. Two measley cars... I got the guy's plates, picture, and mug shot. So will HPD by the morning.

Hope it was worth it butthollio.

Other than that... it got worse. The legs just wouldn't do the planned NM intervals when called upon at the proving grounds. Crap. I had nothing in the tank. But no idea why. Nutrition was good, water adequate, recovery ok. No explainable reason. It just wasn't happening.

Don't know where my snap has gone. I eagerly await it's return!


Jane said...

Boo - bad subaru.

Eat more bacon. Okay, maybe it won't put the snap back, but it always makes me happy.

Dave said...

HAHHA!! I bacon wrapped jalapeno's is on the menu for this week!