Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oddities... without pics

I bantered about Houston weather recently with a friend considering re-relocating to Houston. Todays' weather should put one's mind at ease. It was 82 with like 40% humidity this afternoon. With a northerly breeze it was indeed nice.

My ride today is filled with oddities. First was a suicidal cat. It streaks across my path an was on a collision course with my wheel. I screech MMMMEEEEEEEOOOOWWWW! as I shift my weight all the way back awating the splat. The cat heeds my warning and darts from his course of certain death to parallel of my wheel and keeps pace for a moment before jumping onto alternating sides of my wheel's path. Each time he darts, I expect to hit him. I'm split between scared and entertained! After several flirtations he takes off into some roadside bushes... perhaps he was high?!

Later I see a gentleman riding his bike with a pipe. No, not a crack or weed pipe. Like a Sherlock Holmes pipe. And he is smoking it as evidenced by the lingering wafts of aromas. Just an out of the norm site.

Otherwise todays' activity is nothing special. Just a couple of hours of recovery level work. I've been three days off the bike. This was planned as a floating rest period. Stay away until legs are fresh and the urge to ride resurges. Long endurance miles slated for the weekend. I'm antsy to get them spun in and that's a great sign!