Friday, May 22, 2009

Hitting the Highlights!

Today's ride is a favorite. Here's the plan:

8:00 alternating 15s @165% of FTP, 15s @Recovery
10:00 @Recovery
4X 3:00 @130% of FTP, 2:00 @95% FTP
10:00 @Recovery
10:00 100% FTP, with 10sec sprint top of each minute

This is a great effort for mountain bikers relegated to the road. It emphasizes the overreaching efforts needed for those bursty moments. There is nothing more difficult than being at the limit then being faced with a steep rise to punch up! The work intervals are short. They are done in that pain zone that lies just above FTP. Beware, the first 8:00 tax the lungs. The first few 15s work intervals feel waaay too easy. I try not to overdo them. By the end I pant like dog!