Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sicko Heartrate Hijinks

I use unrelated methods for estimating my heart rate and power zones. I use Friels' forumlas for HR, and Allen's formulas for power. They correspond very, very closely. Take for example today's ride. [HR in RED, power is YELLO]

Obvious correlation. Compare that to yesterday's ride!

Hmm... Not only was the HR/Load distribution outta whack. I poked around TrainingPeaks and found a maximum heart rate of 243! Whoa. I've never seen a HR above 185! I thought it might have been a mistake, but the elevated HR corresponds with the power load... yikes.

I don't monitor HR on my PowerTap display while riding. I didn't notice the elevated HR. It only lasted a couple of minutes. So, I don't think I was in any danger. My HR was normal after my cool down, too. I only noticed this tonight when filling in my training log. Which is yet another good reason to keep a good log.

Tonight's max HR was in the low 190's. Still elevated, but closer to normal.