Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Powers

My day starts with repair to my Garmin Edge 305. There's a known issue of them turning themselves off at random times after some use. Mine started this most annoying habit last week.

I debated replacing it with the newer 705. But it doesn't really do anything that I'm desparate for. And it's not cheap. Over at MTBGuru Blog a tutorial exists for just this very problem. It's excellent. My thought... what have I got to lose?

I didn't hardwire the connections as the tutorial suggested. I just bent the connection fingers a bit. It's working fine now. More detail pictures and commentary are >HERE<

I hold random powers myself! My ride today places my pace just a hair below FTP and tacks on 20-second big-ring-masher-sprints, every 5-minutes for an hour. The legs are feeling fantastic right now. I felt better as the ride goes on -unusual. I tacked on an hour of high L3 to meet my time goal for today. Tomorrow is some serious dirt time. Time to sleep up.