Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Titration Intervals

Titration intervals are fun. The prescription is to go out and ride on the ragged edge of your lactate threshold. Not going over. Not going under. They are tough to do. Pacing is critical. And you have to pay close attention to your body and what it's doing. Oh, and they must be done where you aren't interrupted by traffic or whatever. Luckily, I've discovered a loop around River Oaks (ritzy neighborhood) that suits.

The just over/under nature reminds me of doing titrations in high school chem lab. That's the source of the name. I seem to recall that we used potassium permanganate for this? I'll never forget good ol' potassium permanganate because of the way my wonderful teacher pronounced it. There's no way I could ever do it justice in letters. Suffice it to say, if you've ever heard Dr. Yvonne Oey say "potassium permanganate" you'll never forget it. What a great teacher!


Jane said...

Hey Dave
I figure you are in NOLA this weekend for Jazzfest?
Haven't talked to you in ages. I tried your email, but it didn't work!