Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bush Park Levee

Today's agenda... 5 hours of endurance-level riding. I opted for the Bush/Addicks Reservoir Levee ride. One of my favorite in-town routes because it contains some gravel.

The wind played a cruel trick today. It was blowing from the SW when I was westbound, and shifted to the SE when I was eastbound! It always seems like you're going into a headwind, but I checked the hourly observations. Sure enough I timed it perfectly!

I came up a short on time goal, but only because I rode it faster than the last couple of times.

Sometimes it feels like the Addicks Levee goes on forever.

As I turned north toward Clay road I was joined by some vultures. They followed me for a pretty good way. Were they waiting for dinner? HA!

He brought some his friends too. They got really close to me. For a moment I was worried one would...err... leave his mark on me. I can't imagine vulture poop is too pleasant given their diet.

A good recovery drink topped it all off. (Great segue, huh? Bird poop to recovery drink...)

With the time change, I didn't get to my planting. But that's OK, I've got an extra hour to work on that tomorrow! Happy Timechange Everybody!