Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm A Dislexic Insomniac

I've been lying awake at night wondering if there really is a doG? Many sleepless nights over the past two weeks. I think part of the reason is due to training. It would seem that training would make you fatigued, and eager for sleep.

But... there is a logic trap at work. My day-job is spent jockeying a desk. That involves almost zero physical exertion. Daytime hours are my lowest physical demands of the day. This time of year, it's dark before I complete my rides. My physical and mental activities are just starting to come upto speed - as the sun goes down. The height of my mental and physical simulation occur in darkness! I think my body has grown to associate darkenss with activity and daylight with rest! Ugg... I need my sunshine!

Being up late and restless, I find things to do. Like rewrapping my handlebars. I thought about doing more detail, but this tutorial at >STUPID HURTS< covers it better than I ever could. Plus, I suck at wrapping bars.

I used Specialized Roubaix tape this time. In the package it seemed to have just the right amount of 'squishiness'. I don't like the super-squishy stuff, nor the totally flat stuff. I thought I'd like this tape. I don't. Pull it tight enough to keep it from moving around it flattens all the 'squishiness' out of it. It provides zero cushioning. Wrap it loose enough to have some 'squishiness' it moves around too much. It ends up with gaps between the wraps.

It'll be gone as soon as I can make it to the bike shop for a replacement.