Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Call Me Goldilocks...

Took a short endurance (easy) ride today. I had two goals. First, not to go too hard. This was a ride just to open up the throttle a touch. I tend to go too hard after a break. Fresh legs feel great. Hard to hold back. I was determined to keep this ride easy. I did.

Second mission was to check the fit on the new handlebar. As expected, it was too low. Getting the right fit took me a while. I'm really sensitive to bar height. I mean REALLY sensitive, like ±1/4" makes a discernible difference. I couldn't get it right. Too tall or too short by trying different stem angles. Then it dawned on me... I have spacers I can move above/below the stem on the steerer tube. DOH! After several trials, I nailed it! It's perfect!

I looking forward to next week's intensity!