Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wrapping Up

Tough week of training this week. Started the week with a long endurance-pace ride. Followed that with 4-days of hard intervals. And combined the intervals with lots of sleep! Friday was a rest day that found me laying on the couch and eating pizza - from Chicago Pizza. That's a new place on Main St, and it's very, very good. I kinda miss the taqueria it replaced though...

Saturday started out with buffing the passenger side of the MR2.

For some reason I had a bunch of sanding scraches left in the clearcoat. It was more work than I anticipated. I colorsanded it, and left it as is. I'll buff this side out with the bumper covers.

The next task was prepping for the final spraying. I need to shoot the bumper covers, the c-pillar butresses, and the sill panels. I left the bumper covers because they get a different type of primer prep. Plus if I needed to re-shoot any of the car, I had a second chance. Good thing.

I had a massive brain fade when I painted the c-pillar butresses. I didn't get into the corners down by the engine cover, and I had a couple of gi-nor-mous runs. Too little in one spot, and too much in another.

Ouch. Luckily, it's an easy fix. Since the new paint is mechanically sound, its simple to prep. Just break the glaze and flatten the runs with some 600-grit paper and mask off. Speaking of masking off, I got started with that process too...

I left the car as it looks above and headed to the Houston International Festival. I've never bothered to go, as it's just before JazzFest. But today I decided to go. The music line up was pretty decent for the $15 admission. I saw the Red Stick Ramblers, Buddy Guy and Grupo Fantasma today. Here's a pic of the ramblers...

In typical Houston style the crowd was absolutely flaccid. Not a single person dancing. Everyone just sitting around with their arms folded. The crowd seemed more interested in the shopping midway than the music. I'm not sure what I expected...

The music line up is good though. Trombone Shorty plays this Sunday and Taj Mahal closes the festival out next Sunday. Not a bad alternative if you can't make it out to NOLA for JazzFest.