Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sill the Deal!

Today I shot the sills. Originally these were black, and have a factory applied texture. Unfortunately, they were half yellow and the texture was missing in a couple of spots. Why not make it factory fresh? I used PPG's DX54 Roadguard on top of DPLF primer. Mixed with DTL reducer it has the cosistency of warm queso. Mmmm queso.....

After getting the air, fan, and fluid knobs adjusted properly on some masking paper, the factory texture can be matched exactly. Steady gun distance and speed is important here to get an even texture.

The texture came out well. Exactly what I wanted. DX54 is great stuff! Cleanup is a mess, though. After a thorough gun cleaning, I loaded some DCC black and sprayed it up...

After flashing off, I peeled the tape! No lifts, thankfully!

A close up of the texture.

Final buff, reassembly and it will be time to hit the open road!