Monday, April 7, 2008

Procrastinating Rest

My legs were sore today from buffing on the car. Is buffing cross-training? Maybe. It definitely required some awkward positions, reaches, and squats. My hamstrings were barking. I wanted to just stretch them out. Instead of resting as I was supposed to do, I elected for a light spin. Just an innocent light easy spin.

Yeah right.

Going up Heights Bld. came up to 11th street in the bike lane when this jackhole in a green Acura spins out his tires to pull out of traffic into the bike lane! Dang near hit me! I figured he was going to make a right, but he didn't! Instead he went straight! He damn near hit me, just so he could get three cars ahead at the traffic light! This pizzeled me more than a bit, so I hit the gas! I caught him at the 14th street light, and proceeded to, err, give him some "safe driving tips". The lady in a convertible behind him - who saw the first incident - gave me the thumbs up and a smile. Normally, I'm a very passive person, but this one ticked me off!

About 20 minutes later I come to 13th street. I'm zoning in on avoiding the roadkill that was in the bike lane when I see a young lady rolling onto the street. She got hit by a car! The lady driver stopped, and the young jogger was mostly OK. Just some scrapes and a good scare for everyone. It scared her really bad! Understandable!

I decided to go back to resting for the day!