Monday, April 28, 2008


Original plan was to be in NOLA all week. But I had an unavoidable meeting on Tuesday. Otherwise, I'm on vacation. I'm using my time off to finish up the car! I have a good deal of loose parts that need to be painted. These include the engine covers, rear wing, headlight covers, and window trim. I gathered all the window and rain gutter trim. Lots of pieces.

The first problem, how to hold them for painting? These pieces snap onto a goove on the back. No way to hold them by hand. I thought for quite a while before coming up with this idea:

A little clothesline wire wedged into the groove worked great! The larger pieces were easier, as they had holes in them. Then I strung up three 'clotheslines' in the bubble like so:

The black pieces toward the front got DPX801 Adhesion Promoter followed by a coat of reduced (flexible mixture) of DPLF. The rear body colored pieces got a coat of K36 Primer/Surfacer.

One small disaster happened before the sparying though... The last 'clotheline' fell down! The engine cover almost fell on me, too, as I was stooping down to tack the side vent cover. Luckily it didn't hit me. Unluckily, the corner of the cover got bent. Tomorrow the trim pieces get a coat of black topcoat and the body-colored pieces basecoat/clearcoat. After, I fix then engine cover corner!