Sunday, March 9, 2008


This week was all about rebooting and resetting the training effort. I rode every day except Thursday. The goal: reset my expectations. I rode without benefit (?) of the heart rate monitor. It was turned on, but I took all the data off the screen. I didn't enter any data in the ride log either. For now, they are in the GPS. I'll look the tracks over tomorrow...

Am I riding harder? My appetite would say "yes". Mercy, I've eaten a lot this week. I haven't kept up with my calorie count, or weight logs this week either. My belt tells me I've lost some weight.

All-in-all it was a very satisfying week. Almost like when I first started out and could barely cover 3-miles. I've been missing that feeling of progress; even though I didn't know I was missing it.

Sunday was very breezy! I rode the White Oak Bayou trail northbound at an amazing clip! Southbound was like dragging a boat anchor. At first, I was thinking some not-so-nice thoughts. Then it struck me that headwinds are about the closest thing to hills we ever get in Houston. So, I hit the gas and rode out of the saddle as much as I could at a climbing cadence. Sometimes you have to use what ya' got.

Later in the ride the wind backed around to the East. I hit the Heights bike lane. Because of the crosswind, it was like riding upwind both-ways! Yeeha!

I noticed something funny on the bike today. I had one hand on the top of the handlebar, and the other other on the hood. This had my upper body twisted a bit. I put both hands into the hoods, but noticed about 10 minutes later I'd drifted to same position. Hmm... When I squared up there was the unmistakable "pulling" sensation on the lower ribs when I breathed deeply... Hmm... I know where this is coming from. I'm favoring my right side. When I got home I had pictures from Bar-H in my inbox. Sure enough, there I am with an askew posture. Perhaps some target stretching tonight?

Hooray for daylight saving time change. It's another hour to ride! I actually had time to have a 2-a-day on Sunday. Spring is springing!