Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No Wonder Adam Was Bitter

If God made Eve from Adam's rib, I bet he really resented that! Rib injuries suck! I didn't end up with a female partner for my rib injury, c'est dommage. Nor will my rib pain condemn humanity to a lifelong of sin! In fact, it's already on the wane. Last night I was able to move around, with only minor pains. I actually stretched, and though it ached, it wasn't that sharp pain, but the "good" ache that you get from a long stretch or a deep massage.

I'm itching to ride! I should probably wait one more day. But I don't want to. Is there anything more tempting than forbidden fruit? In any case, tonight I will also do my logistics planning for the trip out to Terlingua. I gotta get me, all my stuff, and a buddy out to Big Bend and back.