Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not So Quiet Sunday

I have a long-time tradition for relaxed Sunday mornings. I like to make a delicious breakfast, some strong coffee, put some good music and just flat chill for an hour or so. I got up eager to enjoy my morning, then go for a ride.

Coffee brewing, breakfast cooking, music - uh-oh. I loaded up a couple of discs in the CD player, and close the tray to hear a crunching and grinding sound. Then the display started blinking, and it turned itself off! YIKES! I just loaded up a couple of my all-time favorite CDs. I had to get them out. And I wasn't going to let this ruin my Sunday - Hell no!

I pulled the player off the shelf, and was completely undaunted by the following warning.

Must be the engineer in me - I ain't skeered. Off came the cover, and here was the situation...

The CDs got scrambled around and jammed up the tray. A quick tap and it was freed and working again!

My house was once again filled with music! Ahhhhh!


With all the recent rains, Huntsville was iffy for today. I decided to take an impromptu trip to Double Lake. LakeLake drains and dries really fast.

Step one, gather supplies.

Coffee, music, map.

Step two, drive to LakeLake.

Step three, ride! I like the trails up here, enough. They are really easy, with almost no roots. They ride really fast as a result. A lot of the trail is pretty bermed in, so you can nail-and-rail the turns pretty good. It's twisty, so, its a great place to work on turning skills. Only two laps, I got a late start.

Step four, wait in traffic. Just north of New Caney, there were increasingly large chunks of tire on the road. Then an entire wheel. Then another. Hmmm. After successfully dodging all of the road gators, and creeping along, I found the problem...

Ouch. Luckily the delay was short!