Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good Ol' Huntsville

Woke up early to squeeze in a ride at Huntsville State Park.

I was short on time and my legs fresh from my lack of training. My solution: I decided to go for an all-out speed effort! The result: I'm tired!

I had 2-stops. Once to pee, and once because I blew myself up on a climb. The rebuilt rear shock worked flawlessly. It was satisfying to hear the *squish-squish* of the fork and shock working again.

On the good side, I rode some sections today that I haven't successfully made it through before. Below is an example. The approach to this bridge is steeper than it looks below. And, it's blind, around a curve. You pop around the curve and are greeted with that big root across the trail. I've never made it down to the bridge without bailing (chickening) out before.

Today I came up on it too fast to stop and bail out. So, it was ride it out! After riding it, I can't figure out why it intimidated me so much. It's not that bad. Riding fast is helpful sometimes. I need to quit being so timid.


For some reason I've developed a very bad habit. I keep leaving my left pedal down when I'm not pedaling on downhills or turns. I scraped that pedal on roots several times. Once, nearly caused a nasty fall. I'm glad I wasn't using egg beaters today!

Not sure when I started doing this, but I need to nip it.

The trails were in great shape. No wet spots, and the sand was packed down from recent rains. Barely even got the tires dusty today!

I had to hurry back to HOUTX for the LSU game kickoff.

The Tigers won.

So it was a double good day!