Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back From ...

I've been putting off a business trip down to Aransas Pass for a while. Being bikeless and shiftless, I decided to make the trip last week. No worries about messing up the training schedule this week!

Lucky for me the hotel I stayed at in Rockport had this:

So I managed to get a few "miles" in despite having the Stumpy in the shop. Cool!

Despite traveling down to Aransas Pass half-a-dozen times, I've never been into Corpus Christi itself. I had some spare time on this trip, and decided to do some exploring. Grabbing a map I noticed that highway 361 goes from Aransas Pass to Mustang Island then back into Corpus, where it meets with Hwy 35 to complete the loop to Aransas. Perfect.

After crossing a bridge to the barrier island, you have to take a ferry to get to Port Anansas.

This wasn't shown on the map. It was a nice surprise. I haven't been on a ferry in years. After getting onto Mustang Island I stopped to check out the beach. It was windly, cloudy, and chilly, so I didn't hang out long. The beaches are pretty nice down here. The water is definately nicer than in Galveston.

In the distance I spotted a caisson (aka. Toadstool) with a jack-up boat working.

Leaving Mustang Island you go across part of the bay on this little strip of land...

Then I went through downtown Corpus to complete the loop back to Aransas Pass. Corpus is a bigger city than I thought.

I drove by the USS Lexington, docked just outside of downtown. I want to go back and see this when I have more time. I'm a big WWII history buff, and certainly much history was made aboard that ship!

As I was leaving Corpus the cold front that caused overcast sky was moving back as a warm front inversion. It made a really cool cloud pattern in the sky. This was the best picture I could capture... it was a pretty dramatic effect

As with all trips, it was good to get home. The weekend was spent working on the MR2. More on that later...