Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beautiful Morning in Carrollton

Day 2 in NOLA finds me at Rue de la Course coffee house. I'm doing well so far. I managed to get about 3-hours of sleep last night. The coffee and sunshine are helping tremendously. I like to think of NOLA trips as endurance events. The challenge - pack in as much fun as possible!

I'm sitting outside of the coffee shop, by the sidewalk, waiting for my buddies to wake up an meet me. A guy came walking down the sidewalk just a moment ago pushing a stroller and doggy in tow. He walks up says "good morning,man!", and gives me a high-five. That's something you don't see outside of this city! In fact, almost every passer by greets me, or comments about the weather.

Its hard to beat the friendliness of this place.