Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tough Week

Difficult describes last week the best. I did in fact, break my index and middle fingers on my left hand in my accident last Sunday. They stayed swollen all week. I couldn't even bend them enough to make them hurt until this Saturday. They surely weren't going to be operating any brake levers! So last week, was spent off the bike. The Camp Eagle race was a no-go too... I don't want to write about that... it still hurts.


I got lost trying to find a firend's new house. In my wandering I ran across this gem. Two intersecting streets with the same name. Well, technically one is "Timber Creek Place Drive" and the other is a "Timber Creek Place Lane". There is also a "Timber Creek Place Street" and "Timber Creek Place Court". And, they all cross each other at some point in maze-like layout. Who was the uncreative person that named these streets? How'd you like to be the mailman for this neighborhood! Yikes.


Although most people have come to believe this blog is titled Bike-Scars, it originally started out Bikes-Cars. I was kind of fond of the double-entandre. Given the past week, the former may be more appropriate... nonetheless, here - finally - is come car driven content!

Saturday, I moved my car to my buddy's house. I will be painting it in his garage. As you can see, it badly needs painting! It acutally looked better than this, I'm just in the middle of prepping the car for paint.

I started to wear a mask when I was driving it down the street!

Later that day, my neighbor asked me where my car was. He mentioned that he found his place on Google Maps by locating the car in the photo, as the address locations are off slightly... so I checked it out... Sure enough, there it is parked outside of the garage in the back yard. (Far right of the photograph). I had it moved there to make room for a party we had at the house... neat.

Look for more progress, as this is my fall mission to get this car painted. I miss my sportscar. And no, it won't be yellow again!


Today I was able to actuate the front brake lever without screaming! I can't really put much pressure on it, but enough that if I accidently grab it, it wasn't going to cause me to see stars.

Fresh legs felt great! I had great speed this evening! So I ran about as hard as I could. It felt so good to be back in the saddle. I think I may have ridden too long though...

I loaded up some awesome music into the iPod. It was the Soulive show from JazzFest 2003, at Tipitina's. Between Ivan Neville singing, and Karl Denson on sax, Carlos Washington on trumpet, and the usual Soulive crew the music was as good tonight as it was at 2:00 AM, at Tip's, four years ago. Nothing but contagious energy! I rode my program for the evening, and rolled upto the house as the last song started. Its a song called "Do It Again!".

(Alan) If you had fun tonight and you just don't want it to eennddd..
(Crowd) Aww do it again!

Now how could I stop in the middle of that jam? I didn't want the night to end, so I did my loop again! I'm going to sleep good tonight!