Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sore to the Core

A stability ball and two medicine balls. These are instruments of torture that the Gimp (..think Pulp Fiction) would be proud of...

Yesterday was core strength workout. I actually enjoy doing this workout. I can tell the benefits to my cycling, especially my trail skills. The idea is to strengthen the muscles that support your body while upright, or in odd positions - like biking. These are muscles that you rarely exert - until you need them. If they fail, you are suseptable to injury and/or falling.

You use your core muscles at all times every day, and for most movement. Work these muscles to soreness and you are sore at all times every day, and for most movement! Today, I'm moving like an 80-year old man. But I know tomorrow the soreness will abate, and I'll feel better than I did before my workout. Soreness is a test of your belief that you will feel better as a result of the pain. Good thing there's no way to chicken out on soreness - the damage is already done.

Rest tonight, long ride tomorrow.