Saturday, September 8, 2007

Got My Wish

Beware the power of the blogger. The rain abated, and I got my ride in... humid, let me tell ya! About 10 miles into my planned 30 miles, I got cramps bad. Side stiches. I haven't had side stiches on the bike. And they didn't clear. Had to stop for a rest and some Shot Bloks. While sitting there pondering just what was wrong, I remembered that I only ate about 950 calories yesterday. And to be honest, I didn't eat that good of a breakfast... Nutrition... it is important.

After about 20 minutes and five Clif Shot Bloks, I restarted, debating whether to add five miles for the break, or just finished my planned 30. I decided to finish my planned 30. About an hour into things I could barely breathe. My heart rate wasn't unusually elevated, and my effort wasn't excessive, but my lungs simply couldn't support the effort. I've never had this happen before, and I don't know why it happened today. Not being able to breathe is a bad thing. I had to cut my pace back to a mid zone 3 rate. Scary low.

I suspect the cause is allergies. I also noted a massive amount of, well, snot production. Like post nasal drip down my throat almost gagging me. Yuck! After about 20 minutes of fighting through the goo, it was gone almost as fast as it had appeared. So off I went, everything was fine. Near the end, the symptoms reappeared, and I just cut things short and went home. That was enough...

It felt like the ride was harder than it should have been.


Two weeks ago I injured my index and middle finger. My buddy who's an ER doc took one look at them and told me they were broke. He offered to x-ray them, but said since the weren't dislpaced it was at worst just hairlines and would heal on their own. He also offered to splint them, but I noted that with the swelling, they were pretty much immobilized on their own... They didn't hurt, because the swelling prevented me from bending them to the point that pain began. They've been doing good, and I've been using them - though carefully - for the last week. I still don't have full range of motion with them, but the weren't hurting much. Just couldn't move them as much as my other fingers...

Until tonight... I was wringing out a cycling jersey when all of the sudden my index finger went *pop* and I went *OOOOWWWWW!!!* It hurt worse than than the original injury. Now it's swelling up again...