Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back Yard Visitor

As I strolled up to my house yesterday, I noticed a rare visitor. A huge, and beautiful butterfly was hanging out. She landed on some flowers, and I snagged a picture.

Surprisingly she wasn't frightened off immediately and I was able to get a pretty close shot... You don't see butterflies much anymore... or is it just me?

It was not easy to do, but I stayed off the bike for almost 2-weeks. During this time I worked on my 2008 training plan. I'm pretty much satisfied with it. I'm sure the plan will evolve as the year progresses. For this year, I've reduced my periods from 4-weeks + 1-rest to 3-weeks +1-rest. As a consequence I've added and extra Base and extra Build period.

My first day of the new plan started out with a 2x20 Lactate Threshold test. Curiously, my LT seems to have dropped quite a bit since the last time I tested it. I don't think that's due to a 2-week break. It could be, but there are so many variables that go into this test, it could be a lot of things. It will be interesting to see how it responds to training. I have adjusted my heart-rate training zones two steps down on Friel's chart. If I feel unchallenged in the Build periods, I'll put them back!

Training in the Base levels isn't very entertaining! I'm not pushing any boundaries at this stage. As boring as they are to ride, they are even more boring to write (and read) about. Don't expect much training news for the next couple of weeks! Tonight's ride for instance is simply a Zone 3 ride, for 1h30m. Tough not to drop the hammer…