Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Ride That Almost Didn't Happen

For some reason the local tap water just doesn't agree with my stomach. If it's not cold, it makes my stomach churn. I makes me feel like I'm going to hurl. This is not something I want to load into my Camelback.

I usually keep a 2.5 gallon jug in the fridge and a spare in the pantry. But with my travel, I didn't make my usual grocery run, so no spare. An my fridge jug was less than half full. Go buy some more right?

Nope. With a possible hurricane bearing down on us, the run on water had already began. I had enough to fill my CamelBack, but that was about it. I didn't want to have to drink tap water until after the storm passed, so what to do? Get up early and get to the grocery store, that's what! By 9AM they were already almost bought out. Everyone was buying water. They were panic'ed. I just wanted to go riding!

I had to wait for some thunderstorms to pass, then finally set out... Today's goal was high mileage with a steady (zone 4-5) pace. I ended up with about 47 miles total. Not too bad. There were some wet spots on the trails. This made for a dirty bike...

And a dirty rider...

While riding through various puddles and muddy spots I realized that the person that invents a mechanism to automatically wipe sunglasses for bike riders will be a very wealthy man.

I also had a nice hole in my Pearl Izumi gloves that are less than a month old. I'm disappointed, because they fit really well, but shouldn't I get more than about 6-7 rides on a pair of gloves?

Otherwise, it was a pretty boring ride. Just base miles. The dirty bike had to spend the night outside as I'm too tired to clean it tonight.